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Our tried and tested method works together to clean and lift your carpets beyond your expectations.

At Fraser Coast Carpet & pest our Upholstery Cleaning gives great attention to detail making sure we bring back your fabric looking like new. First, the technician will pre-inspect your upholstery, performing a colour-fastness test to ensure your lounge is safe to clean. He will then treat your fabric using a pre spray with a citrus fresh scent to help break down the buildup of oil and soils giving it a light brush to agitate the shampoo into the fabric.

He will then apply a specialised upholstery cleaning spot-spray that will enable the removal of the dirt and soils in the steam which also has fibre rinse in the cleaning process. This pre-spray will also remove germs, soiling and bacteria during the cleaning process. He will then use a hot water extraction cleaning system to rinse the fabric and extract the dirt, soils and oils from the fabric leaving your lounge looking like new.
We highly recommend to have your fabric protected after cleaning to stop dirt and grime gettingback into the fibres causing damage down the track to your newly cleaned lounge suite.

Just ask our Technician for more information about getting the most out of your newly cleaned lounge.

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