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Pest Control

It goes without saying the undesirable effects that unwanted pests can have on your home or place of business.

It goes without saying the undesirable effects unwanted pests can have on your home or place of business.Professional pest control is such a valuable investment when it comes to protecting your assets. It aids in preventing the spread of disease and sickness, contamination of stock, supplies and food, damage to your building and the real chance of a loss of goodwill on your business.

We help to protect your existing property from pests, and we also offer commercial pest control services to a wide range of businesses such as bars, restaurants, cafes, warehouses and offices to name a few.

We design a tailored program around your pest control issues to meet your individual needs, as no infestation is uniform. We provide a satisfaction guarantee, backed by our experience and ongoing training, we use the safest, most effective products on the market which are Eco friendly and have no smell, ensuring minimum disruption. We are also very aware of the importance of keeping your beloved pets safe while pest control is taking place; their safety and wellbeing will always be of the utmost priority whilst we are on your property.

Contact us today for a no obligation free quote and say goodbye to Cocky’s, Spiders, Silverfish and Ants. We also offer a range of specialised treatments including but not limited to Fleas, Rats & Mice, Ants & Wasps.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Pest Control Company

Pest Control professionals can advise you how to prevent infestation

Fraser Coast Pest Controlstaff are professionals – they know what they are doing and willadvise you on thetype of pests living in your home, where they hide, and how to prevent further infestation.


We are captively price to match our oppositions quotes. If not carried out correctly, DIY protection may work out to be more expensive than hiring a professional to control the infestation.


Pest Control professionals are trained and know the products they are using, and they will ensure your family’s safety when using pest control products.

Peace of Mind

Hiring Fraser Coast Pest Control can ease any worries you may have about the pests scampering across the floor,whether your family and pets can become ill after contact with droppings, dead bugs, and insect bites, to the toxic materials that you may have been using trying to do it yourself.

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